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Chủ Nhật, 11 tháng 6, 2023

Share your self-publishing experience - ROYAL AUTHORIZATIO

Share your self-publishing experience  

Share your self-publishing experience? Publishing books written by Vietnamese people and for Vietnamese people in Royal Family

One of my self-publishing experiences is that I wrote my first book!


The story begins like this. When I was in college, I was one of the students in the group of talented bachelors. Out of 300 people, I was in the top 30 talented bachelors of the school. If I continue to pursue Mathematics - Information Technology of the School of Natural Sciences, teaching and research work is not suitable for this field in Vietnam. The only way is to develop and study abroad. But at that time, I had two paths to choose from. I decided not to follow the teaching career in Vietnam, because the Vietnamese scientific research environment is not useful for the work of scientists. Vietnamese scientists do not make much money, and their salary is not much. They make their living mainly by teaching, not by doing research.


While abroad, research and teaching are two parallel professions. At that time, I suddenly realized one thing, if I continue to follow this path, the only way is to study abroad. But I wonder, in the end, why did I choose Mathematics? Going back to the past, I suddenly realized that choosing Mathematics and studying math until here, even though I was good, was not my true passion. My passion is Literature, passion to become an author. And that's why I started a business, a startup in the authoring industry to be exact.


And the first book that I worked on for more than 3 months to complete. I used to go to the library to read books, now I go to the library to write books. Then I went to find publishers, most of them refused. One of the reasons they give is that the author is too young. I don't know what the word "young" means. When I was a student, I was really young. But now, I also don't know what the concept of "young" in the field of book publishing is? Perhaps people think that the authors must be 40, 50, 60 years old, but those who are under 30 years old are considered young. I remember, I had to go through somewhere about a dozen or so publishers, all of whom rejected my manuscript for no apparent reason. Turning back history, it's true that first-time authors are like that, JK Rowling has gone through more than 21 publishers and her work is also not approved until the next publisher. Another author such as Jacken Field, he also shared that he had to go through more than 10 publishers to disagree.


And I am also in that fate. At that time, I thought that I had to persevere, or quit this project. I really want to quit the project, but I feel very sad because it is like my brainchild being produced, giving it up is like burying my dream. And I decided to follow the path that I thought any path after that would be fine. I am in contact with an entity, not a publisher, but a book publisher. The publishing unit they specialize in publishing books by way of acquisition is not the publisher. Those are two completely different fields. Because their main role is to sell books.


When I went to that unit, they also disagreed. Because of their reasons they disagree because they think my manuscript has problems. I said, “If my manuscript has problems, I decide to invest. I decided to become an entrepreneur. He is a businessman, I am also a businessman, I want to invest money in my work and I am responsible for all that I invest in my published work. From there, I found my own path.


I first learned the concept of self-publishing: Self-publishing is self-responsibility for the process of publishing your book, whether it fails or succeeds. The concept of the word publishing in the world is very simple, it is called self-publishing. That concept is similar to the concept of self-help. Self-publishing is not about doing whatever you want. Are not. The road to publishing is not easy. I warn you all in advance, book publishing is not an easy path. And self-publishing is your own responsibility for your book, whether it fails or succeeds.


At Hoang Gia, we call it Modern Publishing or modern book publishing. It is different from traditional book publishing. Going back to the previous story, the book eventually came out with investments somewhere around 30% of the book's value. Over the next 6 months, I made money from publishing books, somewhere around 10 million a month. And that was one of my first successes, that book was also a bestseller. I am honored to win the book that is loved by readers, voted top in Vietnam. And for that reason, I believe that the path that I become an author as well as the path of book publishing is an effective path that can help authors publish books successfully.


And that's the career story about self-publishing. I believe that anyone entering this profession has their own experience. This is one of the experiences that I think is very helpful for all those who publish their books and bring their books to the community.

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